• What instances and situations could Remedy be used for?

    For long-term physical ailments causing horse discomfort, Remedy is a daily supplement with one serving equal to 2 tablespoons (18 grams). Extended CBD use may help reduce inflammation. 

  • How is it different from the other pellet products advertised to contain CBD?

    Our experienced team in hemp farming, animal nutrition, and industry competition has discovered a significant issue in the horse pellet market. Most companies use post-extracted hemp material with only 1-5% of the original CBD content to make their pellets, resulting in ineffective dosages and potentially harsh chemical residues. Remedy, on the other hand, provides approximately 13,000mg of cannabinoids per month, far surpassing the industry standard of 4,000mg. Choose Remedy for superior results.

  • How is it made?

    The hemp used in Remedy pellets is farmed without pesticides, fungicides or insecticides. When it reaches full maturity, the plants are harvested, dried in the Western sun, and milled in our processing facility. Unlike most competitor brands, our pellets are made from WHOLE plant material that has never been through extraction or chemical processing. High quality rice bran is added to our high CBD full spectrum hemp to create a pellet that is both easy to feed and palatable to your horse.

  • How long does one tube last?

    The duration of a tube of Remedy varies based on factors like your horse's weight, condition, dose size, frequency, and other horses' conditions. For a general estimate, please email us with this information, and we'll assist you. When using one scoop per day (approx. 425 mg of cannabinoids), a tube lasts one month.

  • What ingredients are in Remedy?

    High CBD hemp, rice bran, apple flavor.

  • What types of animals are considered candidates for Tranquil?

    • Older dogs/cats with arthritis as a daily supplement
    • Animals dealing with separation stress
    • In pets prior to stressful situations such as fireworks
    • As an additional CBD supplemental accoutrement to “remedy” in horses when trying to increase CBD without increasing additional terpene load
  • How does Tranquil compare to similar products/brands on the market?

    Most companies offering a similar product with 1200 mg of CBD are doing so at prices nearly double what “tranquil” costs. Because we control the farm, the formulation, and the retail ready product, we don’t have as many extraneous costs, and we are able to pass that savings on to our customers.

  • What ingredients are in Tranquil?

    Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Isolate. Contains no THC, no terpenes. Gluten free.