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Element Original is not only a mineral, but a total health supplement. While other products make specific claims such as joint health, Element Original is formulated to enhance and improve the animals own immune system & digestive properties while adding ingredients not found in any other products on the market.

Original contains extremely bio-available forms of trace minerals such as: copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, selenium.

The vitamin pack is unmatched in the marketplace. There is an extensive battery of B Vitamins. The B vitamins are Choline, Thiamine, B12, Niacin and others.

Included in Original are two forms of agents to provide protection from molds and toxins that the animal may come in contact with at any time.

There are digestive agents in Original in the forms of complex metabolites from the controlled culture of different strains of yeasts. These metabolites help the flow and efficiency of the digestive tract. Allowing to reduce the amount of “grain” type feeds we use in today's equine diets.

Remember horses are first and foremost forage utilizers. We must use as much forage as we can while still maintaining a certain level of performance. That is why we have formulated Element Original for you!

Each bag contains a one month supply of our Original daily supplement.

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